HiQ's a mobile app that can tell you how your weed will feel from a photo.

Just snap a photo of your bud in the HiQ app and you can get predictions about the mental and physical effects of your marijuana.
Whether you're searching for an active strain for a hike with friends or something more subdued for the end of the day, our app picks up on the subtle characteristics of marijuana buds the human mind can't detect.



The HiQ Score is a 1-10 scale representing, essentially, your weed's energy level.
From chill, sleepy and stoned ( 1 ) to driven, euphoric or even paranoid ( 10 ), and everywhere inbetween, people have all kinds of reactions to pot. We move beyond the guesswork of strain names to give concrete insight into the experience.

No more wondering how you'll feel, just check the HiQ.



We ask you questions about your experience to help us understand the specifics of marijuana and make our results even better.

Our users are kind of like a giant research team, so by providing us insight into your feelings and submitting responses, we can help everyone around the world better experience the life-changing medicinal and recreational benefits of marijuana use.

There's a perfect bud out there for everyone, we want to help them find it.



HiQ moves beyond the overly simple indica-sativa model and we don't rely on vague, always changing strain names. We use the revolutionary power of computer vision and deep learning to target what's going on with each bud specifically.

Basically, we're building the world's most insightful and helpful budtender, so you'll always know what you're getting.


How does HiQ work?
We use the latest in computer vision and convolutional neural networks to extract and detect the patterns in marijuana flowers that are invisble to the naked eye. Our users give us photos of weed, along with 'scores' of mental and physical effects they've experienced, and we use the scores and images to understand the relationships between the visual characteristics of marijuana and the potential effects its user will feel.

What should my photos look like?
For the most accurate results, you should focus on a single bud of trimmed marijuana (just like you'd buy at the dispensary) in even light against a solid background. Bags and jars of bunches of buds work too but the more distorted, blurry, or far away the weed is, the less accurate the results will be. Check these examples:

What does the HiQ Score represent?
The HiQ score represents a scale of potential energy one can expect to feel from their marijuana. A 1 is the slow, sedate and relaxing high typically characterized as indica. These plants are typically good for anxious or insomniac patients, but often poor choices for those trying to fight depression, stay articulate or get motivated. The most commonly associated negative trait for this end of the spectrum is couch-lock and fixated thoughts.

A 10 is a focused, intense blast of mental and physical energy for work or a busy activity that is usually associated with sativa genetics. However, the higher the number, the more likely one is to feel anxiety or distress. For experienced patients or people without anxiety issues, a high number can be a great tool but those smoking to alleviate anxiety might find it more trouble than its worth.

A 5 is an all-around crowd pleasing plant that is a hybrid of both ends of the spectrum. Low likelihood of anxiety, lethargy, with a pleasant, relaxed energy, the middle of the spectrum is best for new patients or those who don't want an extreme experience.

What do indica, hybrid and sativa mean?
Typically, indica and sativa refer to different genetic lineages of marijuana plant. However, the HiQ score does not use any genetic testing or genetic classifying data, our results are based entirely on user reports. When we say indica, hybrid or sativa, we mean this plant embodies the mental and physical characteristics typically associated with those genetics. The reality is most marijuana plants available today are hybridized and different genetic traits are displayed every time a plant is grown. Trying to rely on what someone says is indica, for example, often leads to frustrated patients who don't get the effects they're looking for. User-generated data eliminates the randomness and misinformation, and is the most effective way to predict the effects of marijuana.

The app says this is not weed but it definitely is. What's the deal?
Basically, it means there's not enough data in the image that our model recognizes as weed to make an accurate prediction. Try to make your photo more like the ideal photo- less blurry, more zoomed in on your marijuana or with more bud in your image. Also, if you've tried the weed, then file a HiQ report! User feedback is essential to improve the model and help everyone get a little higher.

Does it work on plants, leaves, etc...?
Unfortunately, no, not at this time. Harvested, trimmed buds only.


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